Where to Sell My Scrap Car?

Are you thinking about how and where to sell my scrap car? Selling your old car for top cash for cars won’t be as stress-free as you are might thinking. If you are uncertain where to sell my car for cash, you have gained access to the right site.

Being one of the largest and leading online scrap car buying companies in Australia, we will do an unwanted car removal service for you, and you get up to $9,999 cash in your pocket.

If you have a vehicle that has been damaged beyond repair and has gotten to the point where it makes no financial sense to keep it, call us now and we will tow it away to the scrapyard to get some money out of it.

There is no need to have a car in working condition even if you have a vehicle that is completely broken. You can make an ample amount of money. We do not pay much attention to the make, model, or condition of the vehicle. It does not matter how old your car is or how many missing parts it has; you can still scrap it for money.

How Can I Get Money For My Scrap Car?

Selling your scrap car and getting money is all about following the three steps:

  1. Call us or fill our online “Get a Quote” form to get a free, instant car quote.
  2. We have a team of car evaluators who will assess how much your car is worth within minutes while you decide a time and date for a free car collection.
  3. We come to you and pay you money on the spot.

You only need to enter the basic details about your vehicle, and you will instantly see how much your scrap car is worth. We have friendly customer service representatives who will help you with any questions you might have and give you the best quote for your car.

With us, there is no need to wait for hours. We always offer a no-obligation quote that means giving you time to think about it.

The minute you have decided to scrap your car with us, we will come to your place and pick it up at a time and place that suits you. Or, if you would prefer, you can choose to drop your car off locally.

Scrap Car Price Variation Due To COVID 19

The value of scrap car is always based on how you have planned to scrap it off? There are many scrap yards in Australia that are offering around $200 to $400 in exchange for your scrap car. That’s quite a respectable amount that you can make by selling your vehicle to the right scrapyards who know the true value of your vehicle.

Apart from this, you can also sell your car to dealers. However, do not accept a large sum of cash in this case and get ready to receive the same amount of money as you would have got if you scrapped it. Unlike scrap car removal companies, these dealers also require tax proof documents and some keys.

You may also choose a trade option and can get a brand new or a fully functional car by adding some cash to the price value of your scrap car. This option is worth considering, but one does not forget due to pandemic COVID 19 scrap car price may vary from the previous one.


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